Current events for!

Hey guys! Here are the events that is either currently participating in or just about to be.

Collabor88 - September - "Miami Electric"

The Gloria.Heels will be available at this round of Collabor88 through October 7th. They are available in 10 versions, including a few suede neutrals for those of you who don't like the glitter. Please note that the glitter versions will not be sold in-store after the event is over!

The Gathering - October 1st - October 15th

The Gathering opens on October 1st and is a special gacha event started by veteran creators. They created this quality event for a small group of designers to benefit customers!

I have created two pairs of platforms for this special event, both included in one gacha. There are 4 commons and 2 rares for L$50 a play! The Lily & Xela.Platforms are compatible with your Slink High Feet and Belleza Mesh Body.

Stay tuned for more news and updates! <3 updates! - September 2014

So, I've obviously not been keeping up my website like I should! I'm going to do some catching up and HOPEFULLY in the future remember to post properly lol.

Product updates in-store:

These shoes have been updated to work with the new Belleza Mesh Body!

The Bay.Sandals are a permanent discounted special at L$50 a pair!

I'll talk about current events in the next post! <3 Blogger of the month for April - Bheti Carter!

My pick for Blogger of the month for April is Bheti Carter!  If you've not seen Bheti's adorable style, read on and check out her Blog and Flickr Stream!

♥1008 by Bheti Carter

The reason I chose Bheti this month should be clear, she puts together some of the most adorable looks I've ever seen! She always adds the sweetest details in her photos and creates the perfect scene. Congratulations Bheti and thank you!

Here's a little about Bheti in her own words! (edited slightly to help with translation)

A little about how/why she began blogging:

I started blogging because I began to see other Bloggers I loved. I started working on blogging as the unique thing I would do in SL. I have great affection for my Bloggers and my Designers.

How she describes her style:

My style is a mix of fashion, cute and fantasy. Blogger of the Month - Maci Restless!

My pick for Blogger of the month for March is Maci Restless! I'm a bit late this month and I apologize, my PC gave me some issues and I'm just now catching up. If you've not seen Maci's lovely style, read on and check out her Blog and Flickr Stream!

Things We Can't Untie by Maci Restless

Maci has been blogging for for quite awhile and I've always admired the delicate and warm way she photographs her various looks. She creates a scene or story for each one that simply draws you in. Maci not only takes great care with her photos but she always adds an informative little post about the items she uses. Congratulations Maci and thank you!

Here's a little about Maci in her own words!

A little about how/why she began blogging:

I started blogging in January of 2012, so I've been blogging non stop for the past 2 plus years.

How she describes her style:

I think my style is classy and laid back. But I love to dress up and play with fantasy wear too. I will try anything at least once and definitely try to mix it up as much as I can. Blogger of the month for February - Cora Pomilio!

My first pick for Blogger of the month is Cora Pomilio! If you've not seen Cora's great style yet, read on and check out her blog!


Cora has not been part of my Blogger group for long but she made an impression on me long before. I chose Cora this month because of her unique style and presentation. She not only puts a great deal of effort into her outfits and photos but she also takes the time to write something special for each post. Congratulations Cora and thank you!

Here's a little about Cora in her own words!

A little about how/why she began blogging:

I have been blogging for 3-5 years (off and on at the start). So three years solidly, with two hinky years. I started blogging fashion in SL because I saw this community of fantastic bloggers and amazing designers and wanted to be a part of it! Its taken awhile for me to build up enough confidence even in SL to talk to everyone and put myself out there, but it has been totally worth it. It also is a good way for me to justify my buying things in SL, lol. In RL, I've always loved fashion and while my RL doesn't allow for such kick ass stuff, SL does and its a great outlet for that!

How she describes her style:

I think my style is casually cute with a sprinkling of fantasy and occasionally provocative.

Shopping at just got a whole lot better!

I know some of my customers out there have wished I had a vendor system for redelivering failed or lost purchases. I've finally gotten around to updating and I think you'll like the new options!

First, you can now redeliver any item that is part of the new vendor system. Currently, the items include shoes, Slink appliers, poses and home & garden. The clothing and hair need inventory updating but I will add them as soon as possible. You can also redeliver items purchased on Marketplace. You'll have to do it in-world but at least you don't have to bother with waiting on me! 

Second, you will receive store credit for all of the items in the vendor system (see above for items not included). The current amount is 2% store credit, 4% if you wear your VIP group tag (except home collaboration items)! You will also receive 2% in-store credit for purchases through the Marketplace. Please note that the credit will only work at the store in-world!

Third, you can now purchase gift vouchers, just in time for the holidays! You can choose a designated amount or enter your own amount above L$100. Once you complete the process, you'll be able to give your gift voucher to anyone! 

Last but not least, wishlists can now be created by visiting and clicking on the wishlist kiosk above the gift voucher vendor. Now your friends and loved ones can see exactly what you want from your favorite stores. You can also check out their wishlists!

I hope you'll find these changes more convenient and rewarding! Happy shopping! at Shoetopia!

Hey there! Shoetopia started on November 15th with tons of creators and great shoes for you to check out!  The event will only last through November 30th so don't miss it!

My contribution is a new pair of mesh boots called "River.Boots" available in 8 colors and a special version, "Dotty" that will donate 100% of the proceeds to Soles4Souls! 


Enjoy the beautiful build and while your spending away on every kind of shoe you could want, make sure you grab at least one donation item!

Full Release Updates!

Hey guys, I've added a lot of full releases to the store this past month! The releases have new colors and options available. 

Peggy.T-Straps in 12 colors
Allison.Boots in 12 colors
Lovegood.Heels in 14 colors
Knee.Socks in 5 color packs

Below are just a few samples of the new colors you'll find!

I've also updated Marketplace with all of the newness so grab a demo there or at my store in-world!

November Collabor88

Hey guys, I'm late updating my website with news but better late than never! The new round of Collabor88 began on November 8th and I created some sexy heels with a little twist for the Industrial theme! 

The Amelia.Heels are Slink add-ons for your Slink Womens Medium Barefeet. Please make sure you've updated to the most recent version of these feet and that you try a demo first! The Amelia.Heels are available in 8 colors (L$188 each) for the duration of the event with more to come later in a full release.


Check out all the great creations available this round on the Collabor88 website!

Oh custom builder, how we need thee!

So, as any of you know that have visited my store in the last couple of keeps changing from temp building to temp building lol. My plan was to build my store(s) myself between regular work but that has proved way too ambitious. I am not experienced with mesh architecture so we're talking learning on top of the time it takes to build and texture.  

Awhile back I was in contact with someone about building my store for me and then she stopped responding (I see that she's working on customs for others). I was in touch with yet another custom builder not long ago who also dropped communication. I have searched high and low and I'm beginning to think custom builders are rare, mystical creatures mentioned in ancient stories of old. I know there are people who do contract work for companies or make exceptions for people who are huge names in SL/have a lot of money to throw at them. Unfortunately I don't fit those categories. I obviously have money to pay someone or I wouldn't be looking for custom work but what I'm asking for shouldn't involve a huge amount of time for any builder that is experienced enough. 

I haven't even gotten the chance to discuss rates with anyone at this point as there is just zero follow-through or interest. My hope is that if I continue asking around and posting about it that there will be a miracle lol. 

If you or someone you know of is open to custom work *now* or in the very near future (and willing/able to focus on it so it's done in a reasonable amount of time) please contact me in world via notecard. I am looking for someone who can create high quality mesh and is at least somewhat experienced with creating mesh architecture. I'm not rich, I can't afford to pay $40 an hour (that's USD not L$) for a build that will definitely take more than one hour but I'm also not expecting the moon for pennies. I'm willing to try and work out whatever I can if I find someone truly interested. 

Remember, this is not a full sim build or even what I'd consider large scale.