Important News

We hope you were able to take advantage of the Labor Day Tag.Sale but in case you missed it we have some good news! Since the opening of, we have received an overwhelming amount of customer feedback about our pricing. At, our concern is that you enjoy your shopping experience and walk away feeling satisfied. Beginning today, with the re-opening after the sale, the price point at will be lowered permanently. This change will not only affect future releases but our current inventory as well (not including hair).

In addition to celebrating Labor Day, we felt that the was a good way to kick off this change and hope you will find the new permanent pricing more affordable. Please note there will be an additional change with the furnishings at Previously our furniture was sold with the permission to copy and therefore had a higher pricing point. We have heard your feedback and changed all furnishings to the preferred option of a lower price with permission to transfer instead.

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful welcome we have received since opened. We appreciate your feedback and will continue to value the opinion of our customers. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

The team