Kari Komrad Photo Contest!!

I am happy to announce that fri.day is sponsoring the first Kari Komrad Photo Contest! The contest will start Wednesday, June 15th (today!) and last through Thursday, June 30th. The winners will receive L$5,000 each! In addition to the prize money, I will display the winning photos in the fri.day store.

You will need the Kari Komrad HUD to participate in this contest. If you haven't picked up this fun creation by Menno Ophelia, go get one! (L$500) All photo submissions will be accepted through the Kari Komrad Flickr and Koinup groups only.

Please read up on all the information and official rules here: http://www.karisucks.com/post/6559239626/kari-komrad-v1-2-update-photo-contest-hi

I look forward to all the great photos!

<3 Darling