at Cinema 2012!

There are brand new items from at Cinema 2012! Cinema (brought to you by The Hottie Cooterati Experience) is an elaborately themed, sim-wide event centered around one of our favorite past times… movies!

For this event, my genre is Action/Adventure and I've created items inspired by the character of Ellen from "The Quick and the Dead". These are loosely based on the actual wardrobe of course. 

The set is called "Revenge" and there are currently 3 items, I plan to add a couple of more items to the set in the next week or so. These items are all mesh so you will need to demo them first!!

The shirt and vest are layered mesh and were made to be worn together. I have included them separately but be aware they may not work as well with other clothing! 

The pants are rigged mesh and include 5 sizes.

Last but not least are the hats! These are available in two versions and *do not* include hair. They are unisex and modifiable so you can edit them to fit over any hair (you will most likely want to use hair that you can edit). 

The build for Cinema is amazing and there are a lot of great vendors so be sure to check everything out! 

Have a great week <3