FLF is back and I have a question for you!

Fifty Linden Friday is back (we missed you barb <3)! I have a special pre-release mesh tank (the release version will look different) available now for FLF. You'll get both colors of the Friday.Tank in standard sizing for L$50. Don't forget to try the demo!!


Now for my question! If you could take a second to answer this poll I would really appreciate it :). I know that mesh has become very popular but I'm curious to know if any of you still have an interest in system clothing. Standard sizing is the best way we have right now of fitting avatars of different sizes but it's nowhere near "one size fits all". This poll will help me with future fri.day releases. 

Are you currently only interested in purchasing mesh clothing?
Yes, I only shop for mesh clothing now.
No, mesh clothing doesn't fit or I can't see it properly.
I am interested in both, I still like to wear system clothing.
Please Specify:
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