Shopping at just got a whole lot better!

I know some of my customers out there have wished I had a vendor system for redelivering failed or lost purchases. I've finally gotten around to updating and I think you'll like the new options!

First, you can now redeliver any item that is part of the new vendor system. Currently, the items include shoes, Slink appliers, poses and home & garden. The clothing and hair need inventory updating but I will add them as soon as possible. You can also redeliver items purchased on Marketplace. You'll have to do it in-world but at least you don't have to bother with waiting on me! 

Second, you will receive store credit for all of the items in the vendor system (see above for items not included). The current amount is 2% store credit, 4% if you wear your VIP group tag (except home collaboration items)! You will also receive 2% in-store credit for purchases through the Marketplace. Please note that the credit will only work at the store in-world!

Third, you can now purchase gift vouchers, just in time for the holidays! You can choose a designated amount or enter your own amount above L$100. Once you complete the process, you'll be able to give your gift voucher to anyone! 

Last but not least, wishlists can now be created by visiting and clicking on the wishlist kiosk above the gift voucher vendor. Now your friends and loved ones can see exactly what you want from your favorite stores. You can also check out their wishlists!

I hope you'll find these changes more convenient and rewarding! Happy shopping!