New location & Collabor88 July! has officially moved to a temporary store @ its new home on the floorplan sim! I will be working on the new store setup for over the next few months so wish me luck :). Click here for the new slurl! 

You'll notice a lot of items missing as far as clothing/accessories. I just don't have the space to keep all the older items plus new items. All the hair made it to its own room as well as my poses which have never been available in store before! 

I plan to update marketplace this week with all of the items not in store so they're available for purchase at least. The Cotton.Mary Janes from the June round of Collabor88 are being updated to work as Slink Natural Barefeet appliers so they are not currently for sale. 

Now on to Collabor88 July round! 

I really love this month's theme and was inspired to go beyond my normal creations to something more whimsical/fantasy based. I hope you like it :). 

The Dreamer's.Tree is 23 land impact, 31 with the lights. I did include a version without lights if you absolutely can't spare the extra 8 prims. You can also scale it smaller or larger but be aware that the poses will change position and the platform might end up too small for you :P.  

You can change the color/glow of the lights by right clicking on them, choosing edit, select face, click on the bulb and choose a color. 

The blanket is scripted to change textures, you'll need to click and hold on the blanket for about 2 seconds to get the menu with 9 options. There are 23 poses/animations in total, 16 singles and 7 couples. Some poses are on the platform and some are on the tree limbs. **I've had a few people tell me that two of the couple animations were a bit more off than usual, my only thought is that they may have reverted due to lag..or something. Please use the "Adjust" option in the Avsitter menu to adjust your avatars to fit. You'd most likely need to do this anyway as most avatars will not fit exactly as I set it and I'd rather not spam everyone with yet another tree update when you're able to adjust it yourselves. I'm sorry for the inconvenience! I'll be sure to test further in the future after taking an item into my inventory to make sure nothing happened to the animations.

Be sure to check out the regular scale demo on the platform above the event, there's a sign you can click at the display that will teleport you! Head over to Collabor88 and see this amazing round!