News at, July FaMESHed and The Home Show!

First, I want to let you all know that I will be moving to a temporary store on a new sim in the next few days. I have joined Tegan Serin on her floorplan sim and look forward to the coming changes. The new version of the store will be built over the next few months and I hope you will like it! Please bear with me during this time, I know the store situation won't be ideal but it's something! I will be sure to update my store location here and..everywhere asap.

Now, There are some brand new home items from and home available now at FaMESHed and a new event, The Home Show!   

Camp.Stool @ FaMESHed - This stool is 1 LI, comes in two versions, is scripted with 11 seat options and includes 6 single poses! 

The Cupboard.Bed and the alice dresser (from home) @ The Home Show!

The Cupboard.Bed comes in 4 versions and is scripted with 12 blanket options. I've included a version without the stencil as well. The doors, cabinets and drawers open/close on touch. There are 10 single poses and 5 couples. The lights are soft linked to the bed so you can remove them if you need the prims! (25 LI, 45 LI with lights) The alice dresser is a lovely, shabby chic dresser that is 4 LI and comes in two versions, mint and antique. 

I'll have more news when C88 starts in a few days and more info on the changes happening at Have a great weekend! <3