Collabor88 2nd Anniversary Round!

It's C88's birthday and what better way to celebrate than inviting a ton of previous vendors/guests to create some Razzle Dazzle! Check out the catalog here to see all the amazing items available for this special round!  

I'm excited to share my item with you! I've created a pair of classic t-strap heels with a modern touch (they're quite a bit higher than the average 20s heels). They're called the Peggy.T-Straps (named after my grandmother) and are available in 6 colors (the fatpack is now available). There will be more colors/versions after this round is over. These shoes are add-ons for the Slink Women's Natural Barefeet (the Slink Avatar Enhancement feet, *not* the tintable version). They will not work without these feet so if you do not have them yet, you'll need to head on over to Slink to purchase them. Please be sure to try the demo first! 

I had some issues with my mesh loading when I was taking vendor photos and you can't tell the quality in the vendor photos I took unfortunately. I didn't have time to retake them but I at least got the photo issue fixed. I just took some raw shots (no ambient occlusion/no shadows) for you of the front and sides so you can see them better.  


I hope you like them and I look forward to making more shoes in the future! I've got a lot of updating to do from past event releases etc so more news coming this weekend/next week. <3