Oh custom builder, how we need thee!

So, as any of you know that have visited my store in the last couple of months...it keeps changing from temp building to temp building lol. My plan was to build my store(s) myself between regular work but that has proved way too ambitious. I am not experienced with mesh architecture so we're talking learning on top of the time it takes to build and texture.  

Awhile back I was in contact with someone about building my store for me and then she stopped responding (I see that she's working on customs for others). I was in touch with yet another custom builder not long ago who also dropped communication. I have searched high and low and I'm beginning to think custom builders are rare, mystical creatures mentioned in ancient stories of old. I know there are people who do contract work for companies or make exceptions for people who are huge names in SL/have a lot of money to throw at them. Unfortunately I don't fit those categories. I obviously have money to pay someone or I wouldn't be looking for custom work but what I'm asking for shouldn't involve a huge amount of time for any builder that is experienced enough. 

I haven't even gotten the chance to discuss rates with anyone at this point as there is just zero follow-through or interest. My hope is that if I continue asking around and posting about it that there will be a miracle lol. 

If you or someone you know of is open to custom work *now* or in the very near future (and willing/able to focus on it so it's done in a reasonable amount of time) please contact me in world via notecard. I am looking for someone who can create high quality mesh and is at least somewhat experienced with creating mesh architecture. I'm not rich, I can't afford to pay $40 an hour (that's USD not L$) for a build that will definitely take more than one hour but I'm also not expecting the moon for pennies. I'm willing to try and work out whatever I can if I find someone truly interested. 

Remember, this is not a full sim build or even what I'd consider large scale.