Blogger of the month for February - Cora Pomilio!

My first pick for Blogger of the month is Cora Pomilio! If you've not seen Cora's great style yet, read on and check out her blog!


Cora has not been part of my Blogger group for long but she made an impression on me long before. I chose Cora this month because of her unique style and presentation. She not only puts a great deal of effort into her outfits and photos but she also takes the time to write something special for each post. Congratulations Cora and thank you!

Here's a little about Cora in her own words!

A little about how/why she began blogging:

I have been blogging for 3-5 years (off and on at the start). So three years solidly, with two hinky years. I started blogging fashion in SL because I saw this community of fantastic bloggers and amazing designers and wanted to be a part of it! Its taken awhile for me to build up enough confidence even in SL to talk to everyone and put myself out there, but it has been totally worth it. It also is a good way for me to justify my buying things in SL, lol. In RL, I've always loved fashion and while my RL doesn't allow for such kick ass stuff, SL does and its a great outlet for that!

How she describes her style:

I think my style is casually cute with a sprinkling of fantasy and occasionally provocative.