New at! - July 3rd, 2011

There's a new release today of 3 items at the flagship store. There's a new tank top called "Romcom.Tank" and it comes with regular and contrast lace options.
There are also two items that I had only released special versions of for different events. These items were supposed to be released during the Spring Sale but due to RL (yeah yeah) I wasn't able to. To make up for that, as promised, the "Varsity.Cardi" and "Ribbed.Socks" will be 50% off through July 6th!
Have a great weekend!


Hey gang I have a new top available at and I have some news about a great event coming up!

The Dion.Shirt is available in 10 colors at the flagship store.


Now for other news, will join one eleven as the event opens on November 26th, 2010 at 1:11pm SLT! 


For more information about one eleven, check out the blog or follow on plurk!

Have a great weekend <3


New at!

I know it's Thursday but an early release is better than a late one right? :)


I have 2 new clothing items today and 1 new home item! There were previous exclusive versions of these items for different events but I never got around to releasing the full versions in the store. 

The Seasons.Sweater is available in 8 color combinations, the Lounge.Set is available in 8 solid colors and 2 prints and the Express.Your Shelf is available in 5 colors. The shelf is 26 prims and the chalkboards are scripted to change textures with a click.

This release is now available at the flagship store.

Have a great day!