at Shoetopia!

Hey there! Shoetopia started on November 15th with tons of creators and great shoes for you to check out!  The event will only last through November 30th so don't miss it!

My contribution is a new pair of mesh boots called "River.Boots" available in 8 colors and a special version, "Dotty" that will donate 100% of the proceeds to Soles4Souls! 


Enjoy the beautiful build and while your spending away on every kind of shoe you could want, make sure you grab at least one donation item!

November Collabor88

Hey guys, I'm late updating my website with news but better late than never! The new round of Collabor88 began on November 8th and I created some sexy heels with a little twist for the Industrial theme! 

The Amelia.Heels are Slink add-ons for your Slink Womens Medium Barefeet. Please make sure you've updated to the most recent version of these feet and that you try a demo first! The Amelia.Heels are available in 8 colors (L$188 each) for the duration of the event with more to come later in a full release.


Check out all the great creations available this round on the Collabor88 website!

Falling into Fall..if only the weather would too!

Hey guys! I've got a couple of new things to share with you. We're getting closer to my favorite time of year and Collabor88 decided to start early this month! I've also got a cozy home and garden item that I think you'll enjoy! 

This item was created for The Neighbourhood event, which is over now, but you can still find it in the store! It's called the Hideaway and you can use it indoors or out for a cozy place to read, hangout or just take a nap. You'll get 2 versions, with and without lights and the blanket is scripted with 7 texture options. *I'm not sure why most people that blog this item never change the blanket but I promise you can! lol* The lights are *actual* lights and will give a subtle glow inside the tent but nothing too strong.  There are 9 single poses, 2 friends and 4 couples animations. 

Next up I have some great new ankle boots for the September round of Collabor88! They're called the Allison.Boots and are available in 10 colors (some exclusive to the event) with optional sock.tops that include a HUD that lets you choose from 15 colors. I've included versions for Slink Feet and for regular avatar feet. Make sure you try a demo first!!  

I look forward to the weather in real life catching up with the early start of fall in Second Life! Have a great week :)

New at! - Shoes and more shoes!

Hi there! There are lots of new shoes at! The Jane.Heels, Everyday.Heels and the Cotton.Mary Janes are all add-ons for Slink feet. The Cotton.Mary Janes come with a non-rigged version and version for the older tintable Slink feet as well.  

*There are currently two special versions of these shoes available for VIP group members, you'll find them in the notices. 

The Jane.Heels are available in 18 versions including polka-dots and herringbone! 

The Everyday.Heels are available in 16 versions including 4 glitter tones!  The "Moondust" version is currently discounted for Fifty Linden Friday!

The Cotton.Mary Janes first made their appearance at Collabor88. I have since updated them..several times lol. They are available in 21 versions including fox and panda! You'll get the non-rigged and applier versions for both the older tintable feet and av enhancement feet. Now, please be sure to try the demo as these shoes were not created around the Slink feet. They *do* fit but they were not shaped for them, I personally prefer the non-rigged version without mesh feet. 

You may be asking yourself, which Slink feet do I need for these shoes? I'm glad you asked! This information can be a little confusing so read carefully.  

1. If you haven't purchased the Slink feet already, you can do so here: Slink

2. For high heels you need Slink Womens Medium Barefeet and for flats/low heels you need Slink Womens Natural Barefeet. Both versions contain the older, tintable version and the newer version for appliers.

3. Once you've purchased the feet you need, unpack and look in your inventory for the updated applier versions. For high heels you need Slink Avatar Enhancement Medium Feet (APPLIERS). For flats/low heels you need Slink Avatar Enhancement Flat Feet (APPLIERS). It is very important that with my shoe add-ons you use the Avatar Enhancement versions. If you do not, the shoes will not fit properly and your feet will poke through.  

4. The Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet require you to use your skin creator's skin applier (I am currently wearing Belleza's "Mya" skin and applier). Most skin creators now have appliers for feet and hands which makes matching super easy! You can also find nails and stockings/socks! Make sure if you're not wearing stocking/sock appliers that you attach the stocking visibility HUD and choose "off".  

Enjoy and have a great weekend! <33

Collabor88 2nd Anniversary Round!

It's C88's birthday and what better way to celebrate than inviting a ton of previous vendors/guests to create some Razzle Dazzle! Check out the catalog here to see all the amazing items available for this special round!  

I'm excited to share my item with you! I've created a pair of classic t-strap heels with a modern touch (they're quite a bit higher than the average 20s heels). They're called the Peggy.T-Straps (named after my grandmother) and are available in 6 colors (the fatpack is now available). There will be more colors/versions after this round is over. These shoes are add-ons for the Slink Women's Natural Barefeet (the Slink Avatar Enhancement feet, *not* the tintable version). They will not work without these feet so if you do not have them yet, you'll need to head on over to Slink to purchase them. Please be sure to try the demo first! 

I had some issues with my mesh loading when I was taking vendor photos and you can't tell the quality in the vendor photos I took unfortunately. I didn't have time to retake them but I at least got the photo issue fixed. I just took some raw shots (no ambient occlusion/no shadows) for you of the front and sides so you can see them better.  


I hope you like them and I look forward to making more shoes in the future! I've got a lot of updating to do from past event releases etc so more news coming this weekend/next week. <3

News at, July FaMESHed and The Home Show!

First, I want to let you all know that I will be moving to a temporary store on a new sim in the next few days. I have joined Tegan Serin on her floorplan sim and look forward to the coming changes. The new version of the store will be built over the next few months and I hope you will like it! Please bear with me during this time, I know the store situation won't be ideal but it's something! I will be sure to update my store location here and..everywhere asap.

Now, There are some brand new home items from and home available now at FaMESHed and a new event, The Home Show!   

Camp.Stool @ FaMESHed - This stool is 1 LI, comes in two versions, is scripted with 11 seat options and includes 6 single poses! 

The Cupboard.Bed and the alice dresser (from home) @ The Home Show!

The Cupboard.Bed comes in 4 versions and is scripted with 12 blanket options. I've included a version without the stencil as well. The doors, cabinets and drawers open/close on touch. There are 10 single poses and 5 couples. The lights are soft linked to the bed so you can remove them if you need the prims! (25 LI, 45 LI with lights) The alice dresser is a lovely, shabby chic dresser that is 4 LI and comes in two versions, mint and antique. 

I'll have more news when C88 starts in a few days and more info on the changes happening at Have a great weekend! <3

The Garden!

If you haven't heard of a new event called "The Garden", you're missing out! This event comes from a small event company called The Liaison Collabortive, who also run "The Boutique".  The Garden opened today and will continue through May 10th, 2013. The theme for this round is "English Garden Party" and we hope you'll love what home has to offer!

There are 10 items in all (including 2 different cafe table sets) and you can see a demo in front of the store before visiting the event! You can check out the individual vendors and information here.

Have a great week! <3 news! - catching up

It's been awhile since I updated the website with all the newness from and home so it's time to catch you up! It's been a busy two months with a lot of events but I'll post about what's currently available.

Pose Fair 2013

There's a week left of Pose Fair and I have 2 new pose sets, 2 discount sets, a full perm pose kit for creators AND the new monkey bars from home! Drop by and demo everything!

The Mens Dept - April home is participating in The Mens Dept this month and we have two great nautical themed items to choose from! Stop by and check them out :).

Last but not least, our new home set release, the ahoy set! This set has a classic nautical theme with a ton of options (even some for those of you who aren't so nautical :P). The set includes 8 pieces (as well as adult versions of the bench and bunk bed) that can be purchased separately as well. You can demo the furniture at the store or floorplan.! The ahoy set (pg and adult) is also available on the marketplace. You can view the photos for the individual pieces here.

There will be more newness coming up at The Garden event on April 15th so keep an eye out :). Have a great week! home has arrived!

I was so excited to begin working with Tegan Serin (aka Friday Monday!) of floorplan. on our new collaboration, home. Each month there will be a new set release with items for your home and garden. Our first set release is here and I hope you will love it as much as we do!

The "parlor set" has a total of 15 pieces (there are 2 versions of the loveseat, PG and ADULT). You can see the individual pieces and information in the home flickr set.

The set is in the front of the store so you can get a closer look and try everything before purchasing! You can also purchase home items on the marketplace.

There are also two items available for FLF today, the new "entry ensemble" and a new version of one of our favorite pieces, the "pastel suitcase table" with 3 texture options.

We look forward to bringing you wonderful items each month. Have a great weekend <3. at FaMESHed!

Happy New Year!

The January round of FaMESHed has begun and I got the opportunity to be a guest!

I decided to redo an old popular item from (finally!) in mesh. You may or may not remember the 'Wide.Waist Belt", retired ages ago, but I've created a similar style from scratch. It's not exact but hopefully you will find it close :). 

The Wide.Belt II is available exclusively as a pre-release at FaMESHed. There are 3 neutral colors to choose from and the full release will come at the end of the event. 

The belts were created to wear higher on the waist and I felt that the style required modify permissions. These are *non-rigged* so you can resize/move them as needed. I've included 3 pre-made sizes for convenience. Be sure to try a demo!

Here's to a wonderful 2013!

<3 Darling