news! - catching up

It's been awhile since I updated the website with all the newness from and home so it's time to catch you up! It's been a busy two months with a lot of events but I'll post about what's currently available.

Pose Fair 2013

There's a week left of Pose Fair and I have 2 new pose sets, 2 discount sets, a full perm pose kit for creators AND the new monkey bars from home! Drop by and demo everything!

The Mens Dept - April home is participating in The Mens Dept this month and we have two great nautical themed items to choose from! Stop by and check them out :).

Last but not least, our new home set release, the ahoy set! This set has a classic nautical theme with a ton of options (even some for those of you who aren't so nautical :P). The set includes 8 pieces (as well as adult versions of the bench and bunk bed) that can be purchased separately as well. You can demo the furniture at the store or floorplan.! The ahoy set (pg and adult) is also available on the marketplace. You can view the photos for the individual pieces here.

There will be more newness coming up at The Garden event on April 15th so keep an eye out :). Have a great week! 

floorplan. and for Atelier Kreslo!

I was privileged to have the opportunity to collaborate with Tegan Serin of floorplan. for the December round of Atelier Kreslo! The "volare uccellino" (Italian translation: fly little bird) is a wonderful and whimsical mesh chair created by Tegan. It comes in 3 wood types (the base) and each is scripted with 3 pillow textures. There are 11 poses (my contribution) including 3 couples poses that also work as single poses. 

These chairs will be available exclusively at Atelier Kreslo until January 13th, 2013. While you're visiting be sure to checkout the great artwork by Whiskey Monday!

Happy Holidays!! <3


Hi all :). I've got a new set of 6 poses available at a 25% discount for Stumblebum! The discount will only apply during my round, May 1st - May 14th. I'm really glad to be part of this event and fantastic group of creators. The poses are out now at


I want to address a question that has been asked by several customers over the last couple of weeks. Since my participation in Pose Fair 2012, I've been asked if is becoming more focused on poses. The answer to that is no. I wanted to be able to release new creations while learning mesh and I enjoy making poses. It will not be my main focus but from time to time for events and special releases you may see them.

Be sure to visit all the awesome creators in this round of Stumblebum! :)

Pose Fair 2012 and other news :)

Oh yeah, I think I remember that store. There's not been much new for awhile now and this is because all my effort has been poured into learning mesh. I'm in the home stretch now and I hope to bring mesh goodies very soon while still mixing in some non-mesh items from time to time!

Now for some actual new stuff! I am participating in Pose Fair 2012 (April 15th - April 30th) and have 4 new sets of poses available. You can purchase singles or a full pack of 6 for a discount. You'll also find a dollarbie set which includes 6 customer favorite poses. The dollarbie set will only be available during Pose Fair 2012.


Here's the slurl to's location: at Pose Fair 2012

Be sure to check out all the great poses available from the many creators and the amazing build by Isla Gealach of Cheeky Pea!

Have a great week! <3