Retirement Sale! - January 7th - January 13th

It's a new year and I'm making a lot of necessary changes at, beginning with a retirement sale. These changes aren't easy for me as it means letting go of a lot of inventory that I've been dependent on. I'm excited about new projects and I feel that moving forward, I'll be driven more to create. You may see a much emptier store for a bit after the sale but it won't stay that way for long :).  With that said, you may be in for a long read as I have a lot of details to share. Here we go!

The sale will start on January 7th at midnight SLT (12am Monday) and end on January 13th at 11:59 pm SLT. I won't be able to shut down the sim (it's not just me there anymore as you know!) so technically the sale will go as long as it takes me to change the prices and remove items that evening. Everything will be on sale, including mesh and newer items. There will be a release of new items the week after the sale with sale prices on certain colors (more details to come next week). 

The following items will be retired after the sale and will never be available again (some items may be redesigned in mesh for future releases and are noted below with an asterisk):


Tops: *Draped.Back SweaterSeasons.SweaterMelody.HalterPoet.HalterRhapsody.TunicStriped.Boatneck Tee, Longsleeve.Boatneck TeeCrewneck.TeeCrewneck.Capsleeve Tee and Pull.Over.

Bottoms: Iunno.JeansDesigner.JeansDenim.SkirtDenim.ShortsVacation.Mini and Scholar.Skirt.

Dresses: *Spring.Bloom DressSweet.Heart Dress and *Reverie.Dress.

Outerwear: Military.Jacket, *Comfy.Cardi and *Varsity.Cardi.

Swimsuits: Clasped.OnepieceRuffle.CutoutSimplicity.OnepiecePlunging.OnepieceHourlgass.OnepieceAsymmetry.OnepieceString.Onepiece, and Creamcicle.Bikini.

Shoes: *Basic.PumpsDream.Booties and Journey.Boots.

Accessories: *Arm.WarmersNordic Arm.Warmers, *Fingerless.Gloves and Dream.Catcher Bag.

Hair: AdrianaAllisonAllison.2AmeliaAmelia.2CameronCameron.2EloiseHilaryJasmineJulesKarenLeigh, LexiLolaLucyMelanieMelanie.2MikaQuinnRainaRashelleScarlettScarlett.2Serena and Summer.

Home: All furniture and decor (The Express. Your Shelf will be recreated in mesh).

I just want to say thank you to all the customers for being so supportive and loyal since the opening in 2009. I hope you will like the coming changes and I wish you all a great 2013! <3

Weekend Holiday Sale! - Dec. 17th - Dec. 19th

There are lots of things being moved at, including inventory. I've permanently discounted several items and they are now located in the "Discount" section in the back of the store.
Some items are also being retired and all of this means a lot more room for new items! With these changes I decided to have a small weekend holiday sale. Everything is 50% off (or more) and even some of the discount items have been reduced further.

This sale will only last from Dec. 17th at 5pm SLT - Dec. 19th at 5pm SLT!


Thanks and Happy Holidays <3


*I know some people have been asking about the Basic.Turtlenecks. I do plan to put those out but it will most likely be Sunday before I can get to it.

Last day of the Spring Sale!

Today is the last day of the Spring Sale! I will close down the sim sometime after midnight SLT and re-open later on Monday.


I wasn't able to finish the new items in time to release during the sale (as you may have noticed) and I apologize for that. To make up for it, when I release the new items I will price them at 50% off for one week. I should have the items ready in the next couple of days.

Have a great day!