Sneak Peek!

We've been working hard to get some things ready for the new roleplay sim for a certain boy wizard and his school friends. We have a sneak peek of whats to come available at the flagship store. The scholar skirt comes in 22 different colors and variations, including specific house colors! 


 We have a lot more in the works, so keep your eyes open! Hope you're having a great weekend! <3

New at! - July 3rd, 2011

There's a new release today of 3 items at the flagship store. There's a new tank top called "Romcom.Tank" and it comes with regular and contrast lace options.
There are also two items that I had only released special versions of for different events. These items were supposed to be released during the Spring Sale but due to RL (yeah yeah) I wasn't able to. To make up for that, as promised, the "Varsity.Cardi" and "Ribbed.Socks" will be 50% off through July 6th!
Have a great weekend!

New at!

I know it's Thursday but an early release is better than a late one right? :)


I have 2 new clothing items today and 1 new home item! There were previous exclusive versions of these items for different events but I never got around to releasing the full versions in the store. 

The Seasons.Sweater is available in 8 color combinations, the Lounge.Set is available in 8 solid colors and 2 prints and the Express.Your Shelf is available in 5 colors. The shelf is 26 prims and the chalkboards are scripted to change textures with a click.

This release is now available at the flagship store.

Have a great day!