I currently create shoes that can only be worn with the Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet. You can find more information about Slink by visiting Siddean Munro's website.

Here are some step-by-step instructions on which feet can be used with my products. 


Most of my shoes require you to either own Slink Mesh Feet or the Belleza Mesh Body.

You may be asking yourself, which feet do I need for these shoes? I'm glad you asked!

1. If you haven't purchased the Slink feet already, you can do so here: Slink

2. For regular/medium heels you need Slink Womens Mid Feet, for the very high heels (or the ouch! heels lol) you need the Slink Womens High Feet and for flats/low heels you need Slink Womens Flat Feet.

3. If you own the Belleza Mesh Body, you can simply switch to the feet that match the shoes on the Belleza Hud, Flat, Medium or High. Make sure you're wearing the Belleza version of the shoes included with your purchase. (You *can* use Slink Feet with the Belleza Body so that you may continue using shoes that only work with Slink Feet)

4. The Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet require you to use your skin creator's skin applier (I am currently wearing Belleza's "Mya" skin and applier). Most skin creators now have appliers for feet and hands which makes matching super easy! You can also find nails and stockings/socks! Make sure if you're not wearing stocking/sock appliers that you attach the stocking visibility HUD and choose "off".